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Why choose Canada?

Canada is a leading world economy and boasts a high standard of living for its citizens.

Immigrant Friendly

Canadians will make you feel home and welcome you with open arms.

Best Quality of Life

Consistently ranked as one of the best countries for lifestyle. Rich in diversity and multicultural.

Breathtaking Beauty

From west coast to east coast, Canada is full of mesmerizing natural beauty.


Number of Immigrants in 2019


International Students

85 %

Immigrants Naturalize


We can help you with a variety of immigration needs. Whether you like to visit Canada or immigrate to Canada or even become a proud Canadian, we are here to help. We can also help in immigration appeals with Immigration Appeal Division.


Apply for a visitor visa to visit Canada as a tourist. Explore Canada's beautiful landscapes and meet your friends and family.


Get advice regarding what to study and where. Admission advising, and case specific counselling for study permit.


Get permanent residence status in Canada. We assist in all PR programs run by Government of Canada.


Have a job offer and would like to apply for a work permit? We can assist in obtaining different work permits.


Apply for Canadian citizenship and become a proud Canadian. Enjoy the perks and responsibilities of being a Canadian.


Renew your immigration documents in time - study permits, work permits, visitor visas, PR cards, etc. Always have a valid status.

RCIC Helping Hand Program

Throughout your immigration journey, you might need constant support. Individual consultations are expensive, limited, and might not be the best for you. With the RCIC Helping Hand Program, at a nominal cost every month, you can have an RCIC by your side. Ask your questions, plan ahead, answer government requests, and stay on top of your game.

About Us

Why Choose Us?

We pride ourselves in helping customers achieve their immigration dreams.

Effizient Immigration is a proud Canadian company serving people around the world to achieve their goals to immigrate to and succeed in Canada. The company takes pride in helping people navigate the complex and intimidating task of making a big life move and helps clients along the way.

Licensed Firm

Licensed by Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC)

Efficient and Reliable Service

We pride ourselves in providing best cusomer experience and reliable service

Education Advising

Education advising provided by Canadian university graduates and experienced industry professionals


We are led by Dhruv Sharma, our founder, director and chief consultant. He has numerous designations and accolades to his name. Dhruv has an exceptional education background, an engineering graduate from University of Waterloo with a masters in Computer Science from the University of Toronto. Dhruv is a licensed Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) in good standing with the Citizenship and Immigration Consultants Canada (CICC). He obtained training in immigration from Herzing College in Toronto. Dhruv has a proven track record of producing tremendous results and has demonstrated that in different fields. Being an immigrant to Canada himself, he has been through the process of immigrating to a new land and hence feels super motivated to help others who are in the place he was not so long ago.

Dhruv Sharma

Founder, Director, RCIC

Mohini Nagarsenkar

Immigration Case Manager

Soumiya Ruth

Business Development

Nahin Shaik

Content Creator

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